A lock to symbolize a lockdownLockdowns are ordered when there is a potential or present threat on campus. An example of an event that would necessitate a lockdown is an active shooter or assailant on campus.

If a lockdown is ordered:

  • RUN: If you are outside or in a building and feel that it is safe to flee, run and find protective cover.
  • HIDE: If you are in a building and unsure of where the threat is, find the closest room in which to hide. Close and lock the doors or barricade them if they do not lock. Close all the window blinds and hide away from the windows and door. DO NOT answer the door. Remain hidden until notified it is safe to move by University officials.
  • FIGHT: This is a last-resort option! Do not seek the assailant. However, if you come into direct contact with the individual, use any means available to you to defend yourself.

If you have important information related to the incident, call the UNC Charlotte Police Department at 704-687-2200.