Building Evacuation

In case of a fire or other emergency that requires all occupants to immediately leave a building to ensure their safety.
A building evacuation will be signaled by the audible fire alarm, including strobe lights and audible alerts and/or by other means of notification.
Immediately leave the building and proceed to the assembly area in the evacuation plan for the building in which you are located. These can be found posted by the doors of every building.


Campus Evacuation

During large-scale incidents that are deemed too dangerous for students, faculty, and staff to remain on campus.
A large-scale chemical spill, an impending severe hurricane, or any other event that affects or is likely to affect the majority of campus.
Determine the color zone in which you are located. This information can be found posted in buildings and online at emergency.uncc.edu. Follow the colorcoded signs off campus or to the campus assemby points. Go to uncc.edu or check your email and text messages for further information.