Norm holding a NinerReady poster

Being prepared for an emergency starts at a personal level. Campus safety is continually improving, but you are responsible for your personal safety. The NinerReady program is designed to walk you through that process and ensure you're taking the proper steps to remaining safe on campus.

The NinerReady certification program is coming soon!

In the meantime, you can prepare for the program by answering these questions and watching the safety videos on each page.

  • Do you know where to seek shelter during a tornado, thunderstorm or flood warning?
  • Do you have an emergency kit prepared for an extended power outage or evacuation?
  • What does Run, Hide, Fight mean?

These are all important questions to consider during blue-sky, sunny days so that you know what to do when danger is imminent.

Build an Emergency 'Go Kit'
A great initial step in individual preparedness is to develop an emergency kit. An emergency kit can be used in any type of emergency, including during an evacuation or seek shelter order.

Download this checklist or visit ReadyNC.Org for more information.