Returning to Campus

Phase 3

The state of North Carolina is currently operating in Phase 3.

Here is what you can expect during Phase 3 at UNC Charlotte:

  • Maximized teleworking is encouraged.
  • For those individuals who cannot telework, social distancing of at least six feet between all individuals should be maintained.
  • Individuals should wear a face covering when around others.
  • No employee may return to work without permission, and no department or area may allow employees to return without seeking approval as outlined below in this document.
  • Modified dining options remain available on campus.

Please note: The state’s phased reopening plan outlines what can happen in each phase. It isn’t a requirement for what must happen. The University is able to set a pace for returning to campus operations that makes sense for us.  

Plans to Return to Campus

UNC Charlotte is in a position to plan for a return to full operations in fall 2021. To do that, we need to begin returning to campus.  

Expected return dates

  • Student-facing and other customer-facing offices and services: Offices that typically see foot traffic from students, employees or other customers should now be staffed and open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday or their otherwise stated standard business hours. Supervisors should work to schedule a rotation of staff onto campus, but offices providing services to students should always have in-person staffing during their regular hours. 
  • All other staff: All other staff should plan to return to pre-pandemic hours and regular operations on campus no later than Tuesday, July 6, in anticipation of a return to full on-campus operations on Monday, Aug. 16. 
  • Faculty: For the fall semester, faculty should be back on campus by the first day of the new academic year, Monday, Aug. 16. 

Preparing for return

  • Department and unit representatives have been contacted by the Office of Emergency Management to identify their key tasks and resources needed to return to campus for full operations and their estimated date of return. If you have questions about your particular unit or department, please contact your supervisor.


The University community will be updated on changes, enhancements and developments in this plan thorough updates on this website, the Niner Nation Cares website and email communication as needed. 


Review these FAQs about the Univeristy's plan to reopen. If your question isn't answered, please complete this inquiry form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.