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Sept. 20, 2018

To:  All UNC Charlotte Faculty and Staff

Re:  Letter of Promulgation

     The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of its campus community as well as its property and physical assets. To this end, the Office of Emergency Management, under the supervision of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety and Security, has developed an Emergency Operations Plan and a Business Continuity Plan. These plans represent the University's overarching response and recovery to emergencies in conjunction with the standard operating procedures and continuity of operations plans maintained by the individual divisions, departments, units, and offices within. When implemented, these plans set forth the protocols for activation of response systems, including but not limited to emergency declarations, authorities and responsibilities, personnel emergency assignment, and operational procedures.

     The UNC Charlotte Emergency Operations Plan utilizes the Incident Command System, and is in compliance with the National Incident Management System. The Emergency Operations Plan acts as the fundamental guidance for operational emergency response for all UNC Charlotte events at all locations. The coordination of this plan and subsequent parts within is an ongoing process requiring regular training and exercises. All personnel who are defined and tasked as having an operational emergency response role or are tasked with duties beyond their normal assignments are required to train and/or be certified to minimum levels of competency as required by various local, state, and federal standards.

     The UNC Charlotte Business Continuity Plan utilizes industry best practices and provides a framework for continuing and recovering the critical business functions of the institution. The Business Continuity Plan is implemented after health, life, and safety issues are addressed in the event of a disaster or disruption. The Business Continuity Plan complements the Emergency Operations Plan and assimilates departmental continuity of operations plans for institutional recovery.

    On behalf of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I hereby direct the Office of Emergency Management to maintain, annually review, revise, and exercise an Emergency Operations Plan and Business Continuity Plan. I also approve the Office of Emergency Management to coordinate with local, state, and federal emergency management agencies, including the UNC System, for the preparation for, response to, and recovery from any incident or disaster which may require the implementation of all or part of these plans.

    It is my directive to all UNC Charlotte units to plan for and, upon order, perform emergency tasks to ensure the safety of the university population and protection of university property in the event of an impending and/or ongoing disaster.


Philip L. Dubois


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